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3 Circles of Me has a mission to promote self learning and inspiration in all areas of life. We sharing information, tools, events and so much more!

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The mind is an organ and needs to be exercised just like any other muscle. When the mind is stagnant forward progress ceases; life may feel like it is passing you by while you are powerless to change anything. When the mind is engaged life possibilities are easier to see and goals are more easily achieved.





Where the body goes the mind follows; when the body is engaged and physical energy is exerted the mind is stimulated. Movement and nutrition are necessary to reach goals and be productive. Most of the time people who are not productive either do not know how to do it or lack the physical and mental energy necessary to be successful.






The soul is who we are at the core. The soul includes mind, body, and beliefs. When the soul is in harmony it is easier to recognized and pursue passion. All problems within the body stem from physical, emotional, and nutritional issues or a combination of issues. Bringing harmony to the soul is a complex and rewarding journey resulting in true freedom.





Do you like to make to-do lists? Me too. I actually have a kind of love hate relationship with them. When I learned about making to-do lists in the 3rd grade, I was so excited I didn’t just make to-do lists, I made lists of everything! I had lists of things to...

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My family is preparing to move to another city. As we prepare to make this move, our house seems to be in more disarray or chaos each day. We have been going through our belongings, deciding what to give away, what to throw away and what to pack. Every now and then,...

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Thoughts are Like Seeds

Everything you think adds to your reality which is why it is so important to keep those thoughts positive and know how to deal with negative thoughts when they show up. Positive and negative thoughts are like seeds. Weeds grow from negative thoughts, plants grow form...

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